Terms and Conditions

  1. All consignment are carried entirely on owners risk. Consigner should take their own insurence to protect themselve against any or all risk at their on account
  2. Deliver to consignee will be effected as quickly as possiable but the company will not be responsibele for dalays and losses occassioned through condition, beyound our control
  3. The company is not responsible for content packages if the packages are deliver in the same apparent condition in which they are tendered for dispatched by the consigner
  4. The company is not responsible for loss or damage or deay to goods for breakage, leakage or evoporation theft road & weather condition in strikes, lock-outs, riots, civil or political disturbance explosion or accident to vehicles by by which goods are transported to fire godown where goods are stored
  5. The consigner agrees to no time limit is fixed for comperation of tranportation and the company will be at full liberty to tranship goods from vehicle to another at the company's option and without insucring and liability for risk or damages arising out of such transhipments. The consignee also guarentees payment of correct charges and advances
  6. Freight and Other charges, if not prepaid are payable at time of delivery. The company has lieu on goods carried for feight and other charges not paid
  7. The comapny has right to re-measurement, re-classification and of collecting before the goods are delivered any amount they may have been committed or under charged
  8. Consignor is responsible to obtain handover the company at the time of booking the goods appropriate permits or any other relevant documents for transport by road in case of failure consignor will be held responsible for consequences arising such transport Without permit
  9. The company is not responsible in the event of the goods being detained or seized or confiscated by Government Authority.
  10. Dangerous and inflamable goods will not be carried & the consignor must correctly describes the goods befor loading
  11. The company reserved,the right to refuses the accept goods for despatch without assianing any reason whatsoever.
  12. On Consignment weighting less than a round charge will be for one round
  13. No complain claim etc. will be entertained if not brought to the notice of the company within 20 days time from the date of booking
  14. No Agent of Employee of the company has authority to after modify value in any manner any of the provision for condition of this contract
  15. Any unauthorised party taking delivery of the goods mentioned herein will be criminally prosecuted and held liables for cost & charges incurred thereon.
  16. Correct packing according to the mark of consignors should be unloaded by consignees on the even of taking delivery of wrong packages the value demanded by the consignee of such packages is to be paid by the unloading party
  17. The minimum claim allowed by company against any packages in the event of loss or damages shall not exceed Rs. 50 (Rupees fifty only) unless by company against any packages is declared by the consignor together with full description there of at the time of delivery the packages of the company